First time… it’s on the house!

You read that right: every activity is free the first time*… It is your 'free trial' to get acquainted with the offer of Active Company Antwerp.
* Excludes activities where it is stated that this rule does not apply. The 'free trial' is in principle limited to the permanent activities of Active Company VZW. The 'free trial' offer certainly does not apply to: parties, activities under the ActivExtra series, special weekends...

Cost per activity

Active Company Antwerp works with a sports punch card as a payment system. These sports punch cards can only be purchased on site from the cashier at each activity. A sports punch card costs € 20 and consists of 20 cutting squares of € 1 each. Only Active Company Antwerp members can buy and use a sports punch card. You can pay for all our activities with the same punch card.

The sports punch card is paid by scanning the QR-code using your bank app or the Payconiq app. At some sports, it’s still possible to pay in cash. Non-members are also allowed to participate occasionally.

Prices per activity:

 Multi-turn ticketMembers CashNon-Members
Badminton € 2 € 3 € 5
Biking € 1 € 2 € 5
Choir € 2 € 3 € 5
Hiking € 1 € 2 € 5
Running Gratis Gratis Gratis
Swimming € 4 € 5 € 7
Tennis* € 5/u (winter) € 6/u (winter) € 8/u (winter)
Volleyball € 3 € 4 € 5
Waterpolo** € 6 € 6 € 7
Workout € 4 € 4 € 5
Yoga € 5 € 6 € 8
*Tennis - during the summer season, most players take advantage of a summer subscription for unlimited use of the tennis courts. Non-summer subscribers pay the non-member rate directly to the tennis club.
**Waterpolo - regular participant? Pay €150,-- (from July €75,--) annually and you’ll have unlimited access to all Waterpolo trainings. No need for the sports punch card and you can join the recreational tournament for free


What is included in the price?

The price includes the fee for the use of the hall, the sports equipment and the necessary professional guidance. Insured participation in the activities is only possible by paying the membership fee in advance and registering with the Sports Federation. Anyone who regularly participates in an activity must become a member of Active Company Antwerp.

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